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...then Ty returns the favor (awww...)

October was a busy month: Visiting family in Philly, our first trip to the State Fair and, of course, Halloween!

Fall Fun!

Jackson takes his brother for a ride...

Weinstein cousins! 

Not quite ready for the draft yet.

Working on their engineering skills...

just in case the baseball thing doesn’t work out.


The next weekend, we went to pick pumpkins.

Fun on the hayride!

Getting the pumpkins ready to carve

Halloween arrived at last! 

Uncle Greggor helped us get ready.

This Halloween thing is pretty awesome!

Ryan Howard (aka Jackson) up to bat

Jackson was a banana.

“I have spots because I am a little bit spoiled!”

Who knew that giraffes like lollipops?

Roy Halladay (aka Ty)’s reputation isn’t based on

his batting, fortunately.

PopPop Steve does a good Roy Oswalt impersonation

Grandpa came to visit in October!

We took our first trip to the North Carolina state fair.

Ty feeding the goats.

Janet liked the enormous produce...

...but the kids LOVED the pony ride!