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Auntie Lisie and Uncle Kevin get married, Ty has his first day of school, Soccer begins, and Lila starts on rice cereal!

Big September

Our first family bath!  Remarkably G-rated.

Always happy to see Auntie Lisie

Lila takes it all in

It already seems like Uncle Kevin is part of the family!

Jackson pursues a new love in the apple orchard

Not to be outdone, Ty woos his own ladyfriend

Up late cutting a rug with Grandpa!

Ooops...maybe a bit TOO late.

Ty’s First Day

(of pre-pre-school)

On his best behavior...but will it last?

Jackson joins the Yellow Jackets!

He is focused on learning the team’s strategy.

Why do you all keep giving me cars to play with? 

Can’t I have a doll? 

The grin

Ty just now starts to realize that Lila exists.

Really, Lila, don’t worry so much!

We’ve got everything under control!

Six months old...time for solids!

Kings of the Rings!

Beautiful Bride

Daddy, however, has already found HIS true love

“When do I get to play soccer, huh?”

Rock stars! 

Skinny jeans and all.

Whoa!  More!  More!


PopPop and Nana do the bedtime routine

It didn’t take Lila long to get the hang of rice cereal

Red shoes!  What more could a big girl want?

Smiley Brothers

Spidey Brothers

Look at me!  I’m sitting up on my own!