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Basking in the glow of the camera flash

In the past couple of weeks, our lovely lady has gotten to meet a few more members of her adoring fan club and endured several extended photo shoots.  Enjoy!

Lady Lila: Three Weeks Old

Mom and Dad...her biggest fans

A bit surprised by all of the attention?

Really mad!

...and Grandpa joins the club.

It’s so tiring keeping up with all my admirers...

I give up!

Shouldn’t someone be helping me with this hair?

Posing for the paparazzi

A girl needs her beauty sleep!

Instead of taking my picture,

shouldn’t you be helping me up here?

Stylish in her couture hat and sleeper

I can’t quite fix it myself yet.


Lila’s big brothers wave and look on from afar

(They have colds and so have to keep their distance)

Gramma is a founding member of Lila’s fan club...

...as is Noni!

Every celebrity needs a good headshot...

But which to choose?



What a celebrity wants, a celebrity gets...

or else she gets mad.


That’s better.

Uncle Josh meets the little lady...