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Cooling off in the sprinkler

A trip to the park, running through the sprinkler, a Durham Bulls game, and fireworks...It doesn’t get more all-American than that!

Fourth of July and Other July Cuteness

Ty - already looking up to his big brother

Daddy shows the boys how it is done

Hotdogs at the Bulls’ game...yum!

Waiting for fireworks with Nani and PopPop

Go Bulls!

Ty all “fired up” about the fireworks

at the end of a super-fun day.

Silly Face

Happy Face

Appropriately decked out in red, white and blue

Jackson ventures out on his new scooter!

“If I go too fast, I’m going to step on the brake, OK?”

Good idea, Jackson!

In the Ty-sized kitchen at Duke Park

Jackson braves the scary swinging net

Daddy and Ty enjoy America’s favorite pastime

Yes, Ty.  That smile will get you more peaches...

or most anything else you ask for!

“We can’t go to LocoPops?” Face

Having a brother is so much fun!

“Hey! I thought you were hiding!”

“No, I thought YOU were hiding!”

At 3-1/2 and 1-1/2, Jackson and Ty are tons of fun...

...but we’ve got our hands full (literally)!

There’s little chance these boys

won’t be big sports fans.