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our little ones

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our little ones

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Jackson and Ty debate the literary merit

of “Polo and the Runaway Book”

These days, Jackson and Ty are like peanut butter and jelly, like green eggs and ham, like Bert and Ernie:  they just love to be together...

Best Buddies

Choo Choo!

“Reading” is one of their very

favorite things to do

Drawing on the white board...

...and on each other.

I know what this means...

Bath time!

Playing train in the laundry baskets

“Helping” with dinner at Lake Lure

Chillin’ together in the big chair

Ty...still cute.

Jackson was VERY excited for his

first day at his new school!

All decked out for soccer practice. 

(Really?? Soccer?? Already??)

A helpful big brother gives Ty a hand

with his “flop-flops”