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Getting strong!

Lila is learning to go with the flow, even though sometimes it seems more like a raging rapid than a bubbling brook. 

April Showers (of activity)

It’s official...we’re smitten.

Ty joins in for Tummy Time

Yes, Daddy.  You’ve mentioned the Phillies have four ace pitchers this year.

...and gets to meet Uncle Asher and Aunt Bubbles!

Our big fat Weinstein-Schaffer-Weinstein family

Passover Seder

PopPop Steve tells Jackson about the afikomen

Looking lovely

Dreaming of Prince Charming?

Or - more likely - nursing.


Lila reclines during the seder

Nana Karin and Jackson plant flowers

Hopefully he will have Karin’s green thumb!

Tummy Time for everyone!

Lila meets Uncle Greggor

A sample of Ty’s post-nap bedhead.  It’s amazing!

Jackson was excited (VERY excited) for the start of...


He batted 1000!

(They make sure every kid gets a hit every time)

Ty can’t wait to play!

Aggressive on the defense

Ty does his best Groucho Marx impression

Lila snuggles with Nana Karin...

Amazing little fingers

Curly after the bath!

Ty “hunts” for Easter eggs

The boys were more excited than they look in this photo about filling their Easter baskets.

Lounging at Lunch (in Charlotte’s sunglasses)

We spent a lovely Easter weekend with

the Normans in Kiawah, SC.