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It’s hot out!  Hanging indoors and heading north to cooler weather.

August Cuteness

“Can I hold Lila standing up?  Please?”

Jackson is pretty excited about his little sister

A happy Cubs fan.  It’s a good sign.

Still pretty excited about her feet

A Daddy’s Girl right from the start

A Jackson-in-the-box


The feet again

The boys learn early to help out in the kitchen

Learning to spell!

Wow!  There are a lot of toys on this thing!

It’s pretty fun!!

Everyone was happy to have a break.

Hanging with Gramma at the park

Beautify Baby Blues

Riding some strange bronze wolf-like animal

at the Brookfield Zoo

Ty and Sophie try to figure out

how to get to the monkey house

Noni is excited about this Cabbage Patch Kid

Boxes.  Always better than what is inside them.

Aren’t I a bit too sophisticated for

this green plastic seat?


Stopping for dinner at a little place

in the middle of Ohio

Sweet Little Lila