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The boys lead the Duke Park Fourth of July Parade, Lila is still cute, and the everyone has fun at the pool!

July Fourth and More

Check out these awesome toys attached to my legs!

Grandpa was in town for July 4th!

What’s more all-American than a baseball game? Go Bulls!

It’s not because she’s a girl! 

She’s only four months old!

Jackson spellbound by fireworks

Jackson shows off his baseball trophy

The boys lead Duke Park’s Fourth of July Parade, but are distracted by lovely Averill. Watch the road, boys!

Can you turn up the radio, Ty?

We need more Stars and Stripes!

Doesn’t get much cuter than this

Whoa!  Look at me!

Happy Lila.  Happy Daddy.

Ty watches the rain

Doing his Sumo wrestler imitation

Jackson gets adventurous

She must have had lots of beauty sleep

Run away, Zed!

My first pigtails!

Happy to see Auntie Lisie

Jackson swims!!

Ty LOVES the water...

...but hates getting out.

That’s quite a look, Jackson.