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Our first 3-child camping trip, a visit with Thomas the Tank Engine, Jackson’s first Little Gym “Big Show” and other cuteness...

Summer Fun

The boys collaborate on an innovative art project

“Our work is influenced by both Pollock and Kandinsky, but the interpretation is pure Weinstein.”

“Excuse me...it’s MOMA calling.  I should take this.”

Jackson’s “I’m tired” tell: the hair-twirling.

We brought an awful lot of stuff camping (including pillows, blankets, and Puppy) but forgot the tent poles.  Oops.

Ty explores a nearby creek

Roasting hotdogs with the Ruganis


Jackson shows off his baseball trophy

Ty was pretty excited about his s’more.

First sighting of Thomas at the Tweetsie Railroad!

Ty: “I said hi to Thomas, but he didn’t say hi to me”


Thomas took us for a ride!


Fun on the ferris wheel!


Lila can’t wait until she is big enough to have a turn

The boys flew an airplane...

...and loved the tilt-a-whirl.

Ty offers driving input from the “talker seat.”

His dad would say he gets that from his mother.  But his mother knows that it actually comes from his dad.

See you next year, Thomas!

Jackson shows off his gymnastics skills at the

Little Gym “Big Show”

Jackson shows off his baseball trophy

10!  Well, at least a 3.5...

On the medal platform

Jackson at Local Yogurt: If I cover my ears, Noni won’t be able to tell me that it’s time to leave.

Movie night!  Even Lila is entranced.

Ty is concerned that Marlin will never find Nemo.

Even though he’s seen the movie 12 times.

Lila isn’t worried.

Better Puppy than Zed!

Oh wait...

Good morning, Daddy!

My first ponytail!

Ty curls up with his blankies and Puppy

in his window nook